The professional wood
filler that behaves likes wood

The Perfect Filler

CosmetiWood is a wood filler that has been specifically developed to meet the high quality requirements of professionals in the wood industry.

The filler has excellent adhesion properties, barely shrinks, and is easy to sand and plane. Moreover, the product easily absorbs oils and varnishes, thus guaranteeing a beautiful finish.

Cosmetiwood wood filler

Shrink Proof

CosmetiWood owes its exceptional properties to the special engineering of the product, which aims to achieve optimum results in automatic filling machines.

The filler was developed to be shrink-proof so that the finishing on these machines can be done in a single production run.

Smaller packaging

In addition to large cartridges for machine processing, the product is also available ready-to-use in smaller packaging for manual use.

CosmetiWood is available in different colours. It is a water-based, single-component wood filler with a typical drying time of 24 hours.

The benefits of CosmetiWood

Excellent adhesion

Thanks to its structure with wood fibres, CosmetiWood adheres well to the inside of knots and cracks.
This excellent adhesion also guarantees that the product will not be dislodged if the wood expands or shrinks under external influences.

Minimal shrinkage

CosmetiWood is a water-based wood filler whose composition was specifically developed to minimise shrinkage during drying.
As a result, filling can be done in a single application.

Sanding and planing

Thanks to its wood-like structure, CosmetiWood can be sanded without the product sticking to the sanding belts.
The product also behaves like wood during planing because it does not crumble or crack.

Excellent absorption

The porosity of CosmetiWood results in absorption of oils and dyes similar to that of wood, to obtain a perfect finish.