CosmetiWood is used worldwide by manufacturers of wooden floors and wall panels in combination with CSP Engineering’s PAR Filler® machines. Thanks to its exceptional properties, the wood filler provides a perfect finish that enhances the natural characteristics of the wood. Professional installers of floors and wall panels use CosmetiWood to finish the wood on site. The product is delivered ready-to-use and can be applied manually with a putty knife or hand gun. CosmetiWood also yields excellent results for repairing cracks in wooden surfaces in the furniture and restoration industry.

Wood structure

CosmetiWood hardens through drying, resulting in a structure that closely resembles wood.

Natural look and feel

CosmetiWood allows users to camouflage or, indeed, accentuate knots and cracks in wood to obtain a quality product with the natural look and feel of wood.

CSP Engineering

CosmetiWood was developed by CSP Engineering, who offer a broad range of machines for automated application of the product, in volumes ranging from small-scale to industrial production.

Filled by machine

Cracks and knots of up to 40 mm are filled by machine.
Open end cracks are also automatically filled.

Also for fine cracks

CosmetiWood can also be used for very fine cracks, including those smaller than 0.20 mm.

Perfect results in four steps

Step 1

For good adhesion results, it is important to prepare knots and cracks by removing any loose parts such as pieces of bark and making sure the wood is dust-free.

Step 2

When applying CosmetiWood, it is important to fill cracks and knots to their full depth so that the product can perfectly adhere to the cavities.

Step 3

CosmetiWood needs some time to dry properly to its full depth – typically 24 to 48 hours. Leave the processed wood uncovered during drying so that the moisture in the filler can evaporate freely.

Step 4

Once the product is completely dry, the wood can be sanded to remove any residue. From then on, CosmetiWood behaves like wood and can be worked as such.