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For good adhesion results, it is important to prepare knots and cracks by removing any loose parts such as bark fragments and making sure the wood is dust-free.

Tidying up cracks is not recommended since the natural look will be lost as a result. Firmly and deeply fill the crack or knot and leave to dry for 24 to 48 hours.

CosmetiWood was developed by CSP Engineering, who offer a broad range of machines for automated application of the product, in volumes ranging from small-scale to industrial production.

CosmetiWood can be used in the top layer of engineered wood as well as in solid wood. In principle, there is no limit to the depth and size of cracks and knots to be filled.

CosmetiWood is not self-supporting in principle, but it can be used to apply sculptures and create effects, such as tree bark.

CosmetiWood can be used for very fine cracks it is up to the user to determine whether or not they consider very small defects to be a part of the natural look & feel of wood.

Just like fine cracks, small holes are certainly suitable for filling. It is up to the user to decide whether this is desirable.

When applying CosmetiWood, it is common to overfill defects with a thin layer which can then easily be removed with sanding.

When using a machine, holes of up to a diameter of 40 mm can be filled with CosmetiWood. When working manually, there is no limit, in principle, to the size of the product. Nevertheless, for larger holes it is recommended to apply the product in several layers and allow each layer to dry.

As long as the crack is properly filled, there is no limit, in principle, to the depth when using CosmetiWood. For deep cracks, it is nevertheless recommended to apply the product in several layers and allow each layer to dry.

Yes, you can, although it is recommended to clean and sand the wood thoroughly before applying the product, and to check the compatibility between the product and the wood.

It is possible to apply CosmetiWood in very thin layers.

Yes, you can. CosmetiWood can be used on solid wood as well as on plywood or fibre board.


CosmetiWood will dry optimally in a warm, dry environment. Heating the space can speed up the drying process, but drying will take time – typically 24 to 48 hours.

CosmetiWood is a single-component product that does not harden under the influence of UV. While heating with infra-red may reduce the drying time, it is still important to leave sufficient time for the product to dry in depth.


Excess product and tools can easily be cleaned off with water. Once the product has hardened, any residue can be removed mechanically – for example, by sanding.

Once the product has hardened, CosmetiWood can be milled like wood, without any risk of crumbling.

CosmetiWood is easy to sand with all common abrasives.

CosmetiWood absorbs colours well, albeit not to the same extent as wood. Since the product is available in different colours, a good match is available for each application to either camouflage or accentuate the filled parts, according to the user’s wishes.

CosmetiWood is compatible with most industrial finishing products. However, we recommend first testing the product’s compatibility for specific applications.

CosmetiWood has a hardness and durability that very closely approximates that of wood. Therefore, ageing techniques that are applied to wood can also be applied to the product after drying.


CosmetiWood is suitable for outdoor applications, provided that appropriate coatings are used, whose compatibility must be tested beforehand for each application.

CosmetiWood comes in  different colours, allowing the user to choose between camouflaging or accentuating filled cracks and knots. The finishing layers that are subsequently applied must be considered when choosing the most suitable colour.

For large volumes for industrial applications, a custom-made colour can be produced.

CosmetiWood is a water-based product that does not contain toxic components. Please refer to the safety data sheets for more information.

CosmetiWood contributes to sustainable use of wood since the wood filler makes it possible to valorise wood with cracks and knots into a high-quality product that, both in terms of appearance and properties. is not inferior to solid wood without defects.

CosmetiWood owes its exceptional properties to the special engineering of the product, which aims to achieve optimum results in automatic filling machines. CosmetiWood is characterised by its barely measurable shrinkage, has a pleasing structure that can be treated like wood and guarantees proper adhesion and absorption of finishing products.

A quality wood filler such as CosmetiWood hardly shrinks during drying and is sufficiently hard and wear-resistant without any loosening or crumbling during processing. A good wood filler behaves like wood and is compatible with it and, therefore, adheres properly.

We do not recommend mixing CosmetiWood with other wood fillers. The specific properties that are inherent in the composition of the product can no longer be guaranteed after mixing.

We do not recommend mixing different CosmetiWood colours because the repeatability cannot be guaranteed in that case.

CosmetiWood is sold as a ready-to-use product. We do not recommend mixing it with other products.

Two-component wood fillers typically result in a brittle, plastic-like structure once hardened, while CosmetiWood obtains a pleasing, woody structure during drying. Since there is no need to mix two components, CosmetiWood is also easier to use, with much less waste.

CosmetiWood hardens through drying, resulting in a structure that is closely resembles wood.


CosmetiWood should be stored in a frost-free, dry environment. The product is presented in resealable packaging. Once opened, the shelf life can be increased by covering the product with plastic foil to prevent air from entering the closed packaging. Once opened, cartridges can be sealed airtight with a tie-wrap or a suitable bag clamp. 

CosmetiWood has a shelf life of 1 year.

CosmetiWood is not suitable for freezing. The product must always be stored frost-free during transport and storage.

Although CosmetiWood can be used beyond its expiry date if stored properly, proper functioning of the product can no longer be guaranteed. Please consult local regulations on how to dispose of product that can no longer be used.

In recent years, CosmetiWood has been further developed to perfect its properties. We invite you to test the new product and experience its exceptional properties for yourself.

CosmetiWood offers added value because the product only needs to be applied once. Moreover, it has a pleasing texture that blends in nicely with the wood, confirming the value of the finished product.